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What is Spay/Neuter Surgery

What does it mean to spay or neuter your pet? Both procedures consist of sterilizing the pet to prevent unwanted pregnancies, diseases and health conditions. The difference between the two terms comes down to the gender of the animal. 

Females will get spayed; the uterus and ovaries are removed. Males get neutered, where the testicles are removed. These steps help reduce pet overpopulation around the world.

When to get your pet “fixed”

The recommended time to spay/neuter your pet is when they are young. Cats and dogs are generally able to get “fixed” after 8 weeks old, but suggested to do before they are 5 months old. Animals are able to get sterilized when they are older, but risk health and surgical complications. 


Aside from removing the chances of unwanted pregnancies, getting your pet spayed/neutered will prevent serious conditions such as breast cancer, prostate problems, testicular cancer or ovarian cancer. These procedures also hinder the chances of unwanted kittens, puppies, and other baby animals from roaming the streets or entering an animal shelter.

Spaying/neutering decreases unwanted behaviors in pets such as spraying, fighting and roaming. These behaviors normally happen when animals are “in heat” and are looking for a mate, but can lead to a lot of trouble such as accidents or injuries.

Animals who go through these procedures are generally less aggressive with their owners and other animals. They are easier to train and are more family-focused. Lack of aggressive behavior removes the chances of children getting bitten or scratched.

Another benefit to getting your pet spayed/neutered is that it will ensure your pet a longer and healthier lifespan. Life expectancies can increase up to three years for dogs and up to five years for cats. In addition, the cost of these procedures is less than the cost for medical emergencies and the cost to raise a litter of puppies or kittens.

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