Pet Licensing

ID is legally required

Not only is it law, it can help reunite you with your furry family. Dogs are often considered to be a best friend for many people. However, it is important to remember that owning a dog comes with certain responsibilities. One of these crucial responsibilities is obtaining a dog license and microchip.

Dog licensing is the process of registering your dog with Maui County for identification purposes and makes you the legal owner of your dog. The process involves providing your pet’s details such as name, breed, age and owner’s contact information. Dog licensing ensures that dogs are properly identified and can help locate dogs in the event that they become lost or involved in incidents such as biting or attacking other animals or people. It also is used in court as a way of showing legal ownership of your pet.

Here are the reasons why dog licensing is important:

  • Identification

    A license tag serves as a quick and easy way to identify the dog and to find the owner. This is especially important if dogs are lost or happen to run away as it helps ensure that the dog is quickly reunited with its owner. The license includes the dog’s breed, size and color, as well as its owner’s contact information.

    Microchipping is another form of identification, although it can’t be lost like a dog license. A microchip is a small, electronic chip that is about the same size as a grain of rice. The microchip itself does not have a battery—it is activated by a scanner that is passed over the area. The chip transmits a 9-12 digit number (like a barcode) to the scanner, which displays the number on a screen. Microchips are offered at our clinic for $25. Microchips never expire. As of January 1, 2022, microchipping your animal is a requirement by Hawai’i law.

  • Compliance with the Law

    Maui County Code 6.04.020 requires all dogs older than four months to be licensed. Valid for two years, dog licenses must be current, clearly visible and worn by your dog at all times. owners must renew their dog license at the Maui Humane Society, Lānaʻi DMV Office or online. Dog licenses are not transferable from one owner to the next or from one dog to another. If a dog is adopted to someone else, they need to get a secure new license. Owning an unlicensed dog may result in a $500 fine.

Questions should be directed to Lānaʻi Dog Warden Jason Fabrao at

What other pets can be microchipped? Cats and rabbits may also be microchipped and it’s highly recommended.

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